Sarmatia Europaea
Polish Review of Early Modern History

Volume II (2011/2012)


Political History


edited by Adam Perłakowski
in collaboration with Anna Kalinowska


  • From the Editor (Adam Perłakowski)

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  • Anna Kalinowska

    The Polish Match?
    British diplomacy, Poland–Lithuania and the Stuart–Vasa Dynastic Alliance project

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  • Leopold Auer

    Austrian Political Attitudes towards the Polish Republic during the Great Northern War

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  • Zbigniew Anusik

    Gustav III’s coup d’état of 19 August 1772:
    The end of the “Age of Liberty” in Sweden

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  • Dariusz Nawrot

    French officials on the east land of the Polish Republic in 1812

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  • Wojciech Krawczuk

    Some remarks on Swedish Historiography of the Northern War of 1655–1660

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  • Adam Perłakowski

    “At the gates of a European policy”
    Achievements and perspectives for research into the international policies of the Polish Commonwealth during the reign of Friedrich Augustus II Wettin (1697–1733)

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 Volume II is sponsored by the Institute of History,  
 Jagiellonian University