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01/1 From the Editor

November 2nd, 2010 by admin

From the Editor

The knowledge about the achievements of contemporary Polish historiography outside of our country is rather small. Leaving aside other conditions it is important to say that in large measure responsibility for this situation lays with Polish historians who, although often very active individually when taking part in international projects, rarely decide to make an effort in promoting the achievements of their circle. Meanwhile the language barrier also makes access to numerous valuable researches difficult which could turn out to be an important complementation to their own findings and pose as interesting inspiration.

A lot remains to be done with regards to publishing results of current Polish research of the early modern times. The significance of the research results from the role which events and processes taking place in the contemporary Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (Commonwealth) were playing.

Many words have been written about the phenomenon described here however their numerous aspects still require further study which is reflected both in the results of study about political history as well as the dynamic development of research about the history of culture. The weight of Polish historians’ voice means that they have a different perspective from which they can express themselves. This makes the historiography more alert to the many unique or little known phenomenon specific only to this part of Europe and only in part identifiable with similar events in the West.

The chief asset of Polish historiography is the richness of presented views. The contemporary Polish historians who work on researching the early modern period represent different interest and research trends. It is difficult to describe them all in this short text but we hope that we will be able to, at least in part, present them in this annual volume. We give you the first issue of the new magazine which purpose is the presentation of publications which according to the editors enable you to familiarize yourself with the achievements of Polish research in the period from the close of the 15th century to the turn of the 19th century. The first issue has been dedicated to the history of culture.

Filip Wolański

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Posted in Volume I (2010)

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