Sarmatia Europaea
Polish Review of Early Modern History

Volume I (2010)

The History of Culture




  • From the Editor (Filip Wolański)

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  • Bogdan Rok

    The Commonwealth of Both Nations:
    A Research Perspective on the History of Culture

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  • Teresa Kostkiewiczowa

    Cultural Unity in the First Republic of Poland:
    Discussion Points on the Relevance and the Possibility of Taking
    a Holistic Approach to the Culture of Pre–Partition Poland

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  • Tomasz Kempa

    Religious Relations and the Issue of Religious Tolerance in Poland and Lithuania in the 16th and 17th Century

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  • Tomasz Wiślicz

    Miracular Sensitivity in the light of Early Modern Polish Collections of Miracula

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  • Dariusz Rolnik

    An Attempt to Assess Moral and Ethical Attitudes of Polish Political Elites in the Times of the Fall of the Polish Commonwealth:
    The Public Activity of the Chancellor Andrzej Zamoyski (1717–1792)

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 Volume I is sponsored by the Institute of History, 
Jagiellonian University